ADC-LTSN / Identity and stationary

Client: Art Design Communication - Learning Teacher Support Network

Brief: Create an identity and make stationary including; letterhead, business cards, postcards, newsletter templates and a folded A4 leaflet.

Concept: A design system that facilitates the dissemination of information for educators of art, design & communication. It consists of the following ten formats, each an empty receptacle for information to be added; A1 Poster / A2 Calendar / A3 Folded Sheet / A4 Page / A4 Six page gatefold / A4 Document wallet / A5 Folded Card / A6 Postcard / DL Envelope / C4 Envelope. If a suitable format cannot be achieved through appropriation then a new format will be introduced.

The three basic ways information can be added:

• 1 Litho printing; if a quantity of 200 or more are required then the content would be printed at the local printers.
• 2 Laser printing/photocopying; if a quantity of 200 or less is required then it is economical to laser print or photocopy the content.
• 3 Handwriting; if a few copies are required or for special occasions, hand writing can be used, this makes the content personal & the message unique to the recipient.

Recommended design specifications:

• Type face Helvetica
• Type size: body copy 8/10 pt or 9/12pt titles/headlines must be a multiple of body copy (twice, four times larger etc.)
• Lines of type should contain no more than twelve words
• Range type left, avoid justified, ranged right or centered
• Never use more than three type sizes
• Type must never be condensed, stretched, letter spaced or have negative leading
• Punctuation should be kept to a minimum
• Colours: black, red, gray, & tones of the chosen colour
• Images, diagrams, tables & symbols for informative use only
• The LTSN logo has been included on all formatted system sheets, do not use again
• These are recommended design specifications they may be ignored