Alex Poots / Stationary

Client: Alex Poots

Brief: Create a new identity and logo for Alex Poots, a contemporary music curator, apply to stationary and a change of address mailing.

Concept: Alex Poots logo rendered in any typeface, in any colour, in any size, in any position. The only mandate is that it is positioned at a 45 degree angle. This logo is an unobtrusive signature mark that is applied to all material including event programs, posters, flyers etc.

The stationary is a continued exploration of the unobtrusive identity. All information normally found on stationary; address, telephone number etc. is repeated at a 45 degree angle, forming a non hierarchical backdrop to which the added correspondence overprints.

An A4 letterhead, DL compliment slip and DL envelope were all printed on a single A2 sheet, in the salvage area ‘NEW ADDRESS’ was printed. Before cutting the sheet into its three components, 200 were folded down to A4 and used as the change of address announcement.