Andy Warhol Silkscreen / Daniel Eatock and Sam Solhaug

Client: Artomatic

Brief: Make a A2 silksceen using six colours

Silkscreen is synonymous with Andy Warhol, and his portraits have become icons of modern art in the latter part of the 20th century. Enlarged degenerated reproductions of celebrities were taken from newspapers, magazines and Polaroid snap shots and silk screened in bold individual flat colours. These works subverted artistic skill and denied conventional notions of artistic creation referencing and imitating a mass media aesthetic and mechanised “factory” production of the time they were created.

Foundation 33’s work titled Andy Warhol Silkscreen, draws parallels and assimilates itself with the production technique and content of Warhols work, albeit with the different technology and processes of today. A photographic image of Warhol was found on the internet, enlarged enhancing the degradation in quality specific to the reproduction format of the original image. Unlike Warhol silkscreen portraits it is reproduced using the full colour process (C.M.Y.K.), eliminating subjective decisions of colour choice and refining the screenprint process.

“Andy Warhol looks a scream, hang him on my wall” David Bowie

“Everybody wants a Warhol silkscreen” Charles Saatchi