Artist Space Gallery New York / Infotecture / Exhibition design

Client: Artist Space. Jenelle Porter, exhibition curator.

Brief: Design and produce an exhibition about information and architecture.

Concept: The exhibition design was determined by a unit of measure, an A1 sheet of paper, which in turn was decided by the compilation of the exhibition texts (title, introductory and wall texts). This is typeset to fill an entire side of the sheet, thus predeterming the A1 size; the backside is screenprinted white. The sizes of the pedestals, tables and platforms are determined by the A1 size–one to several units may be used depending on the requirements of each piece. The surfaces of the furniture are covered by the backside (the white side) of the information sheet, thus creating a blank surface and unifying the A1 design element. Foundation 33 as well as being involved as exhibition designers, were selected to show their three Multi-Ply tables.

1. 2x4/OMA
MoMA Urban Expansion, 1997. book, 10 x 11 inches. MCA Universal Headquarters, 1998. book, 9 x 14 inches. ConEd/UnCity, 2001. book, 11 x 6 inches.

2. Bureau of Inverse Technology
BIT Plane, 1999. video, black and white with sound, 14 minutes.

3. Diller + Scofidio
Braincoats, 2001. digital prints, 8 x 10 inches each.

4. Foundation 33
16.8 Multi-Ply Dining Table. 10.2 Multi-Ply Coffee Table. 8.4 Multi-Ply Low Table, 2000. birch veneer plywood.
Infotecture Exhibition Design, 2002. screenprint on A1 newsprint, MDF, steel.

5. Ken Goldberg and Karl Bohringer
Center of Attention, 1996. model: silicon, 60 x 80 x 10 micrometers. photo: output from a Scanning Electron Microscope, 60 x 60 micrometers

6. Graft
Surveillance Space: Reclaiming Urban Freedom, 2002. video, digital prints, fabric, acrylic paint, sound.

7. Janette Kim, with Erik Carver
My Kind of Town, 2002. plastic, ground foam, board game pieces, model railroad figurines, souvenir Statue of Liberty, and digital projection.

8. Lunar Design
BLU2 Project, 2001. production garment: fleece and e-paper; concept garment: fleece and tyveck.

9. Sociable Media Group, MIT Media Lab
Express Mail, 2001-2002. computer email software