Shackleton / Billboards and installation

Client: Channel Four Television

Brief: Create a billboard campaign to announce a three part drama about the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Concept: The billboards were displayed at the end of December. They acted as public announcements both informing about the slippery road conditions for motorists and the start of the drama.
In addition to the nationwide billboard campaign, a site specific ice installation was made on Cromwell Road. It was constructed from 210 ice blocks. It was 20 meters long, three meters tall, one meter thick and weighed over 25 tons. Each ice block weighed 240 Lbs and was made specially to have a clear transparency as used in ice sculpting. It took 15 people, three large truck deliveries, one massive crane, the billboard platform to be significantly reinforced with steel, and a full day's work to construct. The installation slowly melted over a period of two weeks, leaving nothing but water on the pavement below.