Design Museum / Site specific architectural/furniture/graphic retrospective 1999–2001

Design Museum / Design Now - London
8 June–2 September 2001

A site specific intervention utilising and celebrating architectural givens within the assigned exhibition space. The display consists of two main components that present a selection of work at an unconventional height and orientation.

Component One: Gallery Floor - a platform with undulating heights that the furniture pieces rest on. This elevates their top surfaces to correspond with and re-establish the horizontal datum from within the glass case. This echoes Foundation 33’s self-referential design methods often used to arrive at and aid systematic form making through (pre)determined dimensions and given conditions.

Component Two: Glass Case - a plywood box constructed within the glass display case is built to the height of the existing centre section. This establishes a horizontal datum, ‘correcting’ the contextual asymmetric geometry. The result is a top surface area of four complete four by eight sheets of plywood. The printed material is presented horizontally on this surface as opposed to vertically, conceptually echoing the reorientation of material that the Multi-Ply tables explore.