Elle Decoration No. 115 March 2002 / Small Spaces / article

Client: Elle Decoration Magazine

Brief: Design a small bedroom interior for an existing site as assigned by the magazine, with a budget of £4,000.

Concept: The existing room was engaged to keep with the mandate of maximizing space without losing light. Within the space complete four by eight sheets of varnished maple veneer plywood where introduced on the floor and against two walls creating storage behind. The ceiling and two other walls have remained untouched, thus respecting the existing architecture. Behind one plywood wall is a series of interlocking shelves with access through a grid of doors, behind the other is a wardrobe and drawer unit. Seamless maple plywood floors and walls create a natural environment that relates dialectically to the existing condition, with an abundance of storage space like a yacht interior.




A. Misc. Storage
Old paperback books from university
Discount mega pack of tooth paste (25)
Lindt chocolate (hidden under old running t-shirt)
Funny but awful jumper Mum gave at Christmas
Every birthday card received (in shoe box)
Unused Holiday cards from past two years
Old hair crimpers
Andy Warhol book
Three hats (wool cap, two formal with boxes)
Exercise dumbbells (2 kilos weight)
Brand new cross trainers in box (too small)
Black formal evening gloves
Old running t-shirts
Swimming goggles
Traveling alarm clock
Empty Prada shopping bag (2000)
Back issues of Wall paper magazine Gold necklace and ring from Grand Mum
Bike helmet
Wrigley’s gum (3 pack)
Jewellery box (hidden under beach towels)
Stack of Heat magazines
Versace high heel pumps (one broken)
Rough Guide to Hawaii, Brazil, Japan
Tracy Emins print (Dog Brains) still unframed
Old Macintosh Computer Quadra 610
Nail clippers (5)
Light blue fitted and loose cotton sheets
Old teddy bear
Autographed poster of David Haslehof
Programs from Fashion week 2001
Plastic sushi set
Box containing mementos from trip to Japan
Current boyfriend's tennis racquet
Jamie Oliver's cook book
Night stand reading light
Extension leads (2)
Chanel No. 5 and Helmut Lang perfume
Cappellini catalogue and price list
Scented candles from Harrods
Shoe horn
Beach towels (6)
Patagonia fleece jacket (lime green)
Ski goggles
Lovers' guide (2)
Sunglasses (LA Eye works and DKNY)
Sony Mini disc player and discs
Art in the Twenty First Century book
Ladies Rolex Watch Case
Old Timex watch (broken)
User manual for Ford Granada
Winter gloves
Cashmere scarves (3)
Down duvet and covers (2)

B. Clothes Storage
Cashmere Jumpers
Cotton and silk t-shirts
Heavy wool jumper
Extra Robe
One piece bathing suits
Cotton/silk tops
Lacy lingerie sets (in red Gucci box)
Fluffy slippers
Leather evening gloves
Bath towels
Chino pants
Baseball cap
Fleece blankets

C. Wardrobe
Leather skirts
Chiffon evening dress
Pant suits
High cut dresses
Wool navy jacket
Low cut dresses
Knit dresses
Wool trousers
Linen skirt suits
Cotton trousers
Rayon blouses
Crepe wool skirt and top
Long length faux fur coat
Metallic down jacket
Leather belts

D. Shoe shelves
Leather loafers
Lace-up sandals
Running shoes
High heel pumps
Knee-high leather boots
Beach mules
Riding boots
Medium heel evening shoes
Clark's desert shoes
Leather ankle boots
Japanese worker boots