Hidden Art Space

Client: Mazorca / Hidden Art

Brief: The first of three phases within Mazorca's new offices starting with a gallery area (completion date mid-September) for Mazorca / Hidden Art, a non-profit organization that promotes and offers business support to designers and designer makers. Mazorca will curate and invite members to display their works in this gallery, in addition the space will be used for networking talks and lectures.

Concept: The motivation behind the project is an adaptable gallery, file and archiving area that transforms according to the users particular need and requirements. Modular four foot square panels with a universal corresponding grid are the only elements used in construction for the whole project. The first exhibition (which will coincide with 100% and designers block) will highlight Foundation 33 and Mazorca's collaborative process and design through models, drawings, and video of the new space.

Isometric rendered drawing 01

Isometric rendered drawing 02

Modular units

Gallery / Showcase elevation

Workspace elevation

Four foot modular plywood sheet

Modular units for gallery / showcasing area