The world’s largest signed and numbered limited edition artwork / September 3rd – 17th 2002

This artwork was produced to announce a Channel Four program called ‘The Art Show’.

The project merges art and design. The project is a work of art. The project was designed.

The art is the idea of creating the worlds largest signed and numbered limited edition artwork. The design is in using the art/idea to promote a television program about contemporary art, design and culture.

The artwork is exclusive for a million people. The Art Show is inclusive for everybody.

The project took 14 days to produce. 10 people each signed 100,000 postcards, eight people numbered them with stamping machines, a project coordinator orchestrated the complex task and confirmed/witnessed that each card was signed, numbered and packaged in sequence. A total of 419 A4 boxes each containing 2400 cards (14 pallets) were signed and numbered. Each signatory had to sign a card every 5 seconds, work a ten hour day and only stop for 30 minutes in order to keep on schedule.

The project was hosted by the Whitechapel Gallery, London.

The artworks are free, they can be found in Boomerang postcards racks in galleries, coffee bars, restaurants, cinemas etc. all over England. There are only one million. They were distributed at the end of September 2002. Foundation 33 will not distribute or sell the cards.

This project has been carefully recorded and is in the process of being submitted to the Guinness World Records.

A film by Sean Rogg, that records, documents, witnesses and details his observations as the project was being completed is currently being edited. The film will have a public screening late November. Please email for information.

People involved in the project: Sara De Bondt, Billy Boyle, Raymund Brinkmann, Sara Carneholm,
Kirsty Carter, Milos Covic, Daniel Eatock, Ulrika Flodberg, Mark Hopkins, Charlotte Hopkinson, Soo Hong, Mette Iversen, Sarah Labigne, Flávia Müller Medeiros, Dawn Parsonage, Kate Pelen, Luna Raphael, Ryan Ras, Sean Rogg, Naoko Sato, Sam Solhaug, Fran Villani, Hanna Werning, Lyn Winter


The Postcard

Signatory’s: Daniel Eatock, Sam Solhaug, Hanna Werning, Lyn Winter, Flávia Müller Medeiros, Mark Hopkins, Soo Hong, Milos Covic, Naoko Sato and Kirsty Carter


The Pick-ups

I would like to give one million people in the world an idea to share
This idea would be as pretty as a picture
An idea can be an artwork
I want one million people to own this artwork
I want this artwork to be exclusive so you will value it
I have signed and numbered every artwork
Does the artists signature make this artwork exclusive and desirable to you?
You are one of 6,247,210,800 people in the world
You probably do not own any art
If one million people own this artwork there are 6,246,210,800 people that don’t
If you have this artwork you are one in a million
There is so much art it is impossible to know how to value it
Do you ever wonder why some things are worth so much and others so little?
I made this card so you might think about how we value things
I made this card so you would think about how you value yourself

Foundation 33