10.2 Coffee Table / £8,750 + VAT

Constructed from a single 24mm thick four by eight plywood sheet.

The diagram illustrates how the 24mm four by eight sheet is divided and cut into a total of 72 pieces, (4 leg pieces / 48 short slats / 20 long slats). The cutting width of all slats including the leg pieces is 48mm minus the width of the saw blade cuts. The slats cut from the material salvaged from inside the four U shaped leg sections is cut in half.

All slats are turned on edge and glued together on the veneered face, the short slats are aligned to the outer edge of the table creating a hole in the centre that equals the same volume as the four legs. The finished table is 10.2 lbs lighter than the full sheet of material.


About Multi-Ply

Multi-Ply tables are constructed by laminating plywood strips that have been turned on edge. These components have been computer-cut following stringent patterns designed to systematically fit together, thus maximising the use of each standard four by eight foot sheet of plywood by eliminating offcuts and waste. This is a conceptually motivated design approach that minimises subjective decision-making.

The cutting and re-orienting of the plywood strips reveals the layered structure concealed within the sheet, forming a reconstructed surface of exposed edges. The finished tables are lighter than the original sheets of material. This difference in weight—literally sawdust—is conceptually returned to each table as the numerical designation in the title.

All tables are meticulously constructed, reinforced with internal steel rods, and finished with multiple coats of clear lacquer that form precision-smooth surfaces of the highest possible standard.