Picture of the week / 2004 archive


week 34: Temporary Sign by Simon Jones


week 33: Security Shutter Shirt by Rosalind Nashashibi


week 32: Down Here by Daniel Eatock


week 31: Colour Coordinated Car by Daniel Eatock


week 30: Clothes Peg Cycling Clips by Daniel Eatock


week 29: Rubbish Art by Daniel Eatock


week 28: Great Hair Nice Legs by Daniel Eatock


week 27: Tree Prison Two by Daniel Eatock


week 26: Color coordinated business meeting by Sam Solhaug


week 25: Complimentary Wheel Clamp by Daniel Eatock


week 24: Matching Sock by Daniel Eatock


week 23: Tree Stump by Daniel Eatock


week 22: Bikes by Simon Jones


week 21: Meeting Pond by Sara de Bondt


week 20: Spot Light by Daniel Eatock


week 19: Bus Stop Stopped by Daniel Eatock


week 18: Untitled by Caroline Andram


week 17: Aerodynamic Scooter Jacket by Daniel Eatock


week 16: Tree Prison by Daniel Eatock


week 15: Road Markings by Daniel Eatock


week 14: Toilet Signs by Simon Jones


week 13: Cuddling Poster on Bethnal Green Road by Kirsty Carter


week 12: Graffiti with nothing to say by Daniel Eatock


week 11: Inside Outside by Daniel Eatock


week 10: Untitled by Daniel Eatock


week 9: Untitled by Daniel Eatock


week 8: Untitled by Daniel Eatock


week 7: Free Cash by Simon Jones


week 6: 4 black bins, 4 black garage doors by Daniel Eatock


week 5: Caution Cream by Daniel Eatock


week 4: House Extension by Daniel Eatock


week 3: Cash machine by Simon Jones


week 2: One way to Finland by Hanna Werning

Picture of the week / 2003 archive


week 52 & 53: Season greetings by Sam Solhaug


week 51: You are Here by Mark Errington


week 50: Lake Minnetonka by Sam Solhaug


week 49: Kissing ketchup by Daniel Eatock


week 48: Run Over Cycle Lane by Daniel Eatock


week 47: Sign not yet in use by Daniel Eatock


week 46: Colour coded wheel clamp by Daniel Eatock


week 45: Do It Yourself Rodney Graham by Sam Solhaug


week 44: Grey squirrel on asphalt by Timothy Evans


week 43: Seating arrangement at the Vatican by Carol Eatock


week 42: Colour co-ordinated cats by Chloe Wolfe-Cowen


week 41: Untitled by Daniel Eatock


week 40: Roofrack by Hanna Werning


week 39: Agitate by David Lowbridge


week 38: Goats on Roof / Door County Wisconsin by Martin Solhaug


week 37: Wheel Rack by Daniel Eatock


week 36: Picture of the day by Simon Jones


week 35: Kalmar Cobblestone by James Payne


week 34: Dotmania by Sam Solhaug


week 33: Garden ornament in Temple Street by Hanna Werning


week 32: Chalk drawing one


week 31: Burger King by Daniel Eatock


week 30: Gelato by Valerie Tse


week 29: French Kissing by Louis Bonnet


week 28: Happy Birthday Erik by Sam Solhaug


week 27: Missing Missing Poster by Timothy Evans


week 26: This is the first sign of an exciting new development by Simon Jones


week 25: Visitors by Sara De Bondt


week 24: Inside Out by Martin Solhaug


week 23: I Like This Bike by Daniel Eatock


week 22: Marcello's Aureole (24 May 2003, Channel Four building) by Sam Solhaug


week 21: Peugeot + 75mph + Condensation by Flo Heiss


week 20: White Fiat Uno by Simon Jones


week 19: Missing Image by Daniel Eatock


week 18: Prelude by Ruairi Reeves


week 17: Sam at ICA bar Sat, Apr 19, 2003 11:35 pm by Tim Evans


week 16: The mother of all beanbags by Flo Heiss


week 15: Koa by Billy Boile


week 14: Project in London (on going) by Sam Solhaug


week 13: Where do they go next? / Irish boy on bicycle by Sali Sasaki


week 12: Shelf by Daniel Eatock, Photograph by Flávia Müller Medeiros


week 11: Sun Light / Barcelona by Daniel Eatock


week 10: For Marjorie


week 09: Vivi, sorry by Ryan Gander


week 08: London 15 February 2003


week 07: Lunch at Bryant Lake Bowl by Pontus Holmgren


week 06: Foundation 63A by Flávia Müller Medeiros, photography by Tim Evans


week 05: A second in Hyde Park by Tim Evans


week 04: Next service in 5 miles by Flo Heiss


week 03: Go Bears! by Martin and Erik Solhaug


week 02: Warning sign in the snow by Sara De Bondt


week 01: Christmas Dinner by Daniel Eatock

Picture of the week / 2002 archive


week 52: Foundation 33 Christmas Wrapping Paper


week 51: Gallery wall by Sean Rogg


week 50: ADC-LTSN flowers


week 49: Air by Wim Vandervurst


week 48: The space between shaking hands by Melle Hammer


week 47: 300bhp WRC Engine


week 46: Yours/Mine by James Goggin


week 45: Indicators, Raglan, Whale Bay by Danny Butt and Paul Elliman


week 44: Not too far by Ryan Gander and Shahryar Nashat


week 43: D.E. Accident 2 by Martin Andersen


week 42: 100% Pure Squeezed Orange Juice by Daniel Eatock


week 41: Hole One / 13mm drill hole through studio wall to driveway


week 40: Hidden Art interior coming together


week 39: We made it


week 38: Milos by Matt Utber


week 37: The world’s largest signed and numbered limited edition artwork
on-going September 3rd – 17th, Whitechapel Gallery (London)


week 36: The world’s largest signed and numbered limited edition artwork


week 35: Volunteers needed in Whitechapel Gallery


week 34: Unused idea for a wedding invitation by Daniel Eatock


week 33: Flávia Müller Medeiros 2002


week 32: Corner of a new living room


week 31: Cricket / Lords England vs. India


week 30: Big Brother Bullseye / Village Fête / Exmouth Market


week 29: Bruno from Milan and Finn from Minneapolis by Sam Solhaug


week 28: The Grand Canyon on Spring Street by Hanna Werning


week 27: Ryans bunker by Sara De Bondt


week 26: For educational use only by Daniel Eatock